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Welcome to Hefei jiaang E-commerce Co., Ltd. Our company is a cross-border e-commerce company, it has Amazon Operations Department, Express Operations Department,Alibaba Market Operations Department, the main products are vibrators, false penis, bandages, anal plugs and other adult supplies.We have established long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with lots of brands in both domestic and overseas markets. AlI of our products are made of premium quality material. Medical-grade, Non-toxic and Free-naphthalene complied with international health standards. Reliable Quality, competitive price and exceptional customer service are three keys to our success.We have a high-quality, professional team, Our advantages:1. We have productdesigners & 2 package designers. Able tooffer OEM/ODM service;2. 5~10 newarticles/month.3. More than 1000 kinds ofarticles have stable stocks in warehouse;4.Professional sales team with 50 people.Don't hesitate to contact us!"
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